House rules

House rules

Dear guests ,

It is our wish to offer you a pleasant and lasting stay in our holiday apartment. The apartment is at your disposal with its equipment and the common facilities (wellness / sauna – utility room). The following rules should facilitate the common use and keep the apartment in good condition for the other and future guests.

General :

With your booking you accept our house rules. The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring that all fellow travellers also comply with the house rules.

  • All objects in the holiday home may be used by the tenant. We ask for a considerate treatment of the furnishings and equipment of our holiday property.
  • We ask for this and are very grateful if you wear slippers in the holiday property and take off your street shoes in the entrance area.
  • All furniture in the interior may not be taken outside or moved.
  • On your arrival the beds are covered. Please remove the used bed linen on your departure and put it in the bathroom.
  • A necessary cleaning of the holiday property during your stay will not be replaced by the final cleaning included in the price. Everything you need for a usual cleaning is ready for you and should be used.
  • An initial supply of consumables such as toilet paper is available.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the whole building. Please go out on the terrace or in the garden area and use an ashtray. Completely cooled down cigarette remains are disposed of in the residual waste. If burn spots or holes occur, the tenant will of course pay the repair costs and report the damage.
  • Provide for sufficient ventilation of the bathroom and the rooms by shock ventilation to prevent the formation of mould and odours.
  • During the agreed rental period, you take responsibility for the rented holiday property. Always close all doors when leaving and always take the front door key with you. We are not liable in the event of burglary or theft.
  • Please supervise your children and make sure that your “little ones” also comply with the house rules. We do not accept liability for personal injury.
  • In the interest of good neighbourliness we ask you to respect the night’s rest from 22 h – 7 h.
  • If things are missing or questions arise, please contact us in confidence.


  • Crockery, cutlery, pots, etc. must only be returned to their places of storage in a clean and dry state.
  • Hot objects such as pots or pans should always be placed on tables and worktops only with coasters.
  • Use a kitchen board as a base for cutting and chopping food.
  • We ask you to leave the interior of the oven and microwave clean. Please empty the refrigerator completely.
  • We leave a small supply of detergent, coffee powder and basic spices there.

Garbage :

  • Waste separation into 1 residual waste (in the kitchen cabinet and garage), 2 paper, 3 glass bottles and 4 plastic (yellow bags). The trash cans are in the garage.
  • Never throw leftovers, garbage or hygiene articles into the toilet or other drains.
  • Do not dispose of hygiene articles, sanitary towels or food leftovers in the toilet

Internet and TV :

  • You have free WIFI with 100 Mbit via a separate network per apartment with password. The latter will be communicated to you upon arrival.
  • The tenant always uses the Internet at his own risk and accepts the EU data protection regulations with his booking. The landlord is not liable for any activities of the tenant in the network. Settings on electronic devices in the holiday home may not be changed or reprogrammed without prior agreement with the landlord.
  • TV is available on the Internet, additional services can be activated with a separate account, but are not included in the price.

Sauna and wellness area:

  • Use of the sauna, wellness shower, footbaths and fitness equipment is free of charge and possible at any time. However, we ask guests to use this facility with care, to switch off the sauna and electricity after use and to ensure sufficient ventilation.
  • We have deliberately refrained from a time limit, but we appeal to the house guests to coordinate their use.
  • Access is only permitted for house guests and is by code.

Washing machine, dryer and ironing facilities:

In the entrance area of the ground floor there is a washing machine, dryer and ironing board for common use. Please use these devices with care and return them to their place immediately.

Garden, garage and parking:

  • The garage at the end of the farmhouse is intended for common use, especially as a storage room for bicycles / e-bikes with the possibility of recharging and a small repair kit. In addition, the garbage bins for waste separation are located there.
  • Access to the rear commercial area is not allowed.
  • Each apartment has a parking space behind the building on our private grounds. If you bring more than one car or a bigger vehicle (camper, van, camping trailer …), you should indicate this. These can only be parked on our property, provided that the other guests are not affected. An electric grill can be provided on request.
  • Seat cushions for chairs and garden loungers and a parasol should be taken into the holiday property overnight and in rainy weather on the two private terraces on the ground and first floors. No barbecue with gas or open fire on the private terraces or balcony (ground floor).
  • The garden behind the house, outside of the private terraces, can be used, but due to the hillside location, special care should be taken, especially with children.
  • In summer we provide a charcoal grill in the garden with a box of accessories. If something is used up or damaged, this must be replaced by you. Fire accelerators and open fire are prohibited in any case. Clean the barbecue after use and dispose of the cooled ashes and barbecue remains in the residual waste.

Duty of care and damage :

  • We cannot be held responsible for valuables belonging to the tenants.
  • Should there be any unintentional damage, please inform us immediately. We cannot accept defects found after your departure.
  • The tenant is liable for major damage to the equipment. All other minor damage, such as broken glass or similar, will be taken care of by us. Please inform us immediately, so that we can clarify any uncertainties quickly.

Your departure

  • Please switch off lights and electrical appliances (except refrigerator) when leaving the apartment and close windows and doors.
  • Empty the refrigerator and wipe it dry
  • Clean the dishes and put them back in their place when dry and dispose of any remaining food
  • If necessary clean oven
  • Dispose of household waste in the designated waste containers
  • Leave our holiday property broom-clean
  • Leave the key in the entrance area at the key rack .

We wish you a pleasant stay ,with lots of fun and relaxation.

With the booking of the apartment we assume that the house rules are accepted.

If you have any questions you can reach us at any time under the following telephone numbers: +49 (0)160 3350308 or +352 621 134735 or +352 661 713736

Greet your hosts

Nathalie Piront-Stein and Bernhard Stein